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IE - Billet Manual Boost Controller - Black

IE - Billet Manual Boost Controller - Black

IE - Billet Manual Boost Controller - Black

IE - Billet Manual Boost Controller - Black

IE - Billet Manual Boost Controller - Black

Quantity in Basket: None
Product Code: IE-IEBAUU9-BK
Shipping Weight: 0.75 pounds

Price: $99.99

Simply raise, lower, and control the boost pressure of your turbocharged vehicle with the finest manual boost controller available.
IE - Billet Manual Boost Controller - Black

Simply raise, lower, and control the boost pressure of your turbocharged vehicle with the finest manual boost controller available. Our engineers have developed a unique MBC design that precisely adjust boost levels above the wastegate pressure while reducing spool times and eliminating boost spikes.

Product Features:
Completely universal solution fo all turbo cars
Easy to install compact design works on any turbo
Controls boost spikes with ball & spring design
Lightweight ceramic bleed ball for fast response
Precisely adjust boost from spring pressure to over 30psi
In-house CNC machined aerospace grade aluminum 
Available in bright red or black anodized finish
Attractive stainless steel mount bracket and hardware
barb fittings for easy connection

Install Details:
The IE MBC is an easy to install compact unit, less than 1 in diameter and 3.0 long.  With the included stainless mount bracket, it can be installed virtually anywhere in the engine bay. To make the IE MBC even more universal, we offer them with the option of hose barb fittings or -4AN fittings. The barb fittings are to be used in any setup using rubber or silicone vacuum hose and the-4AN fittings are used when braided lines are preferred. Each boost controller includes a stainless steel mount bracket, bolts, and nuts for mounting. If opting for the barb fitting style, three feet of silicone hose will be included as well.

Technical Details:
With some careful engineering, we were able to design this unit to be adjustable from the base wastegate pressure to 30 psi+ without having to swap internal components for higher boost setups. That means the IE MBC is truly a one-size-fits-all unit and can be used with nearly any turbo setup. Many boost controllers available simply bleed off boost pressure to the wastegate, which works to bring boost pressure up, but does not eliminate the wastegate from partially opening before the desired pressure is met. This makes for slower spool time and spiking boost pressure. With boost spikes, power delivery is not smooth, nor is it held until redline. We designed our MBC with a ceramic ball and a spring, so you can expect boost control to be linear and smooth with no concern for spiking. This style of boost controller does not allow any boost to the wastegate until the desired pressure has been reached, keeping it completely closed up until that point. Quicker spool time is seen due to that, making more power early on. The IE MBC uses a ceramic ball versus a steel ball, which can move much quicker and let boost through faster due to the material being lightweight when compared to steel. It is critical to have the ball move quickly, as it makes boost control nearly instant and keeps the boost pressure consistent.

Fitment Notes:
Universal design that will work with any OE or aftermarket turbo
Will plumb into both internal or external style wastegates
A boost controller can not adjust boost lower than the wastegate spring pressure
If you install your boost controller on a modern ECU vehicle, you may receive an overboost fault by turning the boost pressure above OE settings.  You will need to run a software tune to allow manual boost control in this case.  

How do I increase or decrease the boost with the IE MBC?
Simply turn the knob clockwise to increase boost and counterclockwise to decrease boost.

How high can I turn up boost with the IE MBC?
We have designed this unit to be adjustable to over 40psi, but it will depend on the spring installed in the wastegate. If the spring is soft, the wastegate can be pushed open from exhaust pressure at higher boost levels and bleed off pressure.

Will this fit my car?
This unit is designed to be completely universal, so it can be used on any application with a turbocharger installed.

Can I turn the boost down below the base pressure?
No, the lowest the boost can be turned down is to the wastegate spring pressure.

How much will boost be increased with each turn of the knob?
Each 360 degree rotation of the adjustment knob will increase boost pressure approximately 2 psi.

How do I mount my MBC?
Included with each IE MBC are a stainless steel mount bracket, two M6 button head bolts, two Nylon lock nuts, and washers. You can drill holes on any unused bracket, or mount to any panel within the engine bay.

Can I use this with an internal wastegate? External?
Yes! You can use this unit with any wastegate setup, internal or external.

How do I install stainless braided line to my wastegate when using -4AN fittings?
IE MBC -4AN fittings feature the same M10X1.0 thread as popular Tial brand wastegates for ease of install.  Simply purchase an additional -4AN fitting (IE part number IEBAUU9-5), choice of -4AN hose ends, and your choice of -4AN braided line for an easy install.


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