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42 Draft Designs - 3" Cat Back Exhaust - TT 180Q

42 Draft Designs - 3

42 Draft Designs - 3

42 Draft Designs - 3

42 Draft Designs - 3

Quantity in Basket: None
Product Code: 42D-EXTT202
Shipping Weight: 50.00 pounds

Price: $699.99

Custom built, allow 5-10 additional days for delivery.
Highly engineered for perfect fitment, performance and looks. Each bend, flange, and hanger is in place for perfect fitment in the TT's limited exhaust tunnel. The tip fitment is literally perfect.
1999-2002 Audi TT 180 quattro
42 Draft Designs - 3" Cat Back Exhaust - TT 180Q

Subtle by design, the Audi TT Quattro stands out by blending in. Underneath the paint, the TT quattro is a serious driving machine with incredible potential. Though powered by the same 1.8T powerplant as a basic mk4 Golf, a modified TT quattro is capable of superior power, traction, and speeds. Without a doubt, the TT requires modifications of a higher caliber. Eager to raise the bar, 42 introduces our Audi TT 3" cat-back exhaust system.

A successful 1.8T performance exhaust may start with a 3" downpipe, but a proper cat-back can make or break your driving experience. Our 3" cat-back exhaust system for the 180Q and 225 Audi TT picks up where our 3" downpipe leaves off. The combination is an engineered exhaust system that yields maximum power, exquisite sound and tips that complete the performance look.

Starting at the final flange of our 3" downpipe, our 3" cat-back bolts up without modification using locking hardware and a double layer graphite gasket. A slight 3" mandrel bend tucks our straight through resonator into the heatshields away from road debris. A stubby hanger and a series of mandrel bends routes 3" tubing under the rear suspension to a CNC machined adjustable flange connection. Exiting the flanges, tight radius 3" mandrel bends allow exhaust gases to enter the rear muffler. Inside the rear muffler exhaust gases are divided into an opposing pair of 2.5" outlets. Tight radius bends and precision hangers position two stainless steel tips perfectly in the rear bumper.

Perfectionism is our obsession - reflected clearly by our exhaust tips. Our tips are pressed in-house from 304 stainless steel, welded and polished to a mirror finish. Beyond our tips, every raw material and component that goes into this system is carefully scrutinized before entering fabrication. Each system is assembled on precision tooling which ensures that every system fits exactly as intended. Every joint is carefully TIG welded and each system undergoes final inspection. This attention to detail is naturally what the TT deserves.

The sound is truly exquisite. At idle, the TT emits a suggestive rumble. At low rpms and cruising speeds the sound is sporty and refined. The exhaust opens up at full throttle and high rpms with a powerful tone and not a hint of rasp. Inside the car, the shape of the hatch and rear end design naturally amplify exhaust sound. With the rear seats installed the volume is minimal and the system does not drone. During testing we experimented with various resonator and muffler combinations before finding the perfect balance of power and sound. Scroll down to view our video sound clips!

Installation is simple, adjustable, and reliable. A permanent flange allows the system to bolt to our 3" downpipe. Precise design and fabrication routes piping clear of heatshields. Adjustable flanges allow further adjustment if necessary, sealed by double layer graphite gaskets and locking hardware. A pair of collars on each rear hanger lock the muffler in place. This means your tips will never slide out of place.

Construction Highlights
•CNC mandrel bent 14 gauge aluminized steel tubing
•CNC machined 1018 cold roll steel flanges
•Professional TIG welded construction throughout
•Magnaflow 409 stainless steel resonator & muffler
•304 stainless steel polished tips
•Double layer graphite gaskets
•Grade 5 locking hardware

Fitment Details
•Fits 1999-2002 Audi TT 180 quattro
•Bolts to our 3" downpipes using included hardware
•Adjustable flanges allow for precise fitment on every TT

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